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BOX on EHR.Network APIs

Box allows you to quickly test the platform APIs, develop your healthcare application MVP, test & validate it. Once you are ready to go live and scale, you can opt to migrate to our managed SAAS platform and grow with minimal changes to your application. Read more about BOX

List of available APIs

Core services

  1. Login
  2. Manage persons/patients - Register/manage persons/patients and map them to organizations
  3. Manage users - Add/edit users, map to organizations, assign roles & professions, update password etc.
  4. Manage organizations/departments - Manage organizations & departments, administer organization hierarchies
  5. EHR - APIs to manage the clinical data sets and group them using folders

Administration & settings

  1. Platform administration - Administer the platform settings such as roles, professions & authorizations & fine grained clinical data access
  2. CDR administration - Extend CDR schema by adding new templates and testing compositions & AQLs. Once deployed and tested, the template can be used using EHR APIs.

Knowledge services

  1. Terminology lookup - Use these APIs to look up SNOMED CT terms and code your clinical data

Last update: 2021-03-29