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Medical Devices as a Service(MDaaS) APIs

MDaaS APIs allow you to quickly deploy your medical device as a centrally managed cloud service. Using this service, you can roll out pilots or live deployments at customer places without the need for any backend development. All you need to do is to use these APIs to build a lightweight mobile/web application to interface with your medical devices. Intergration with your customer's EHR/EMR application can be achieved through your device service SDKs.

All you customer, user and license management requirements are adressed by the MDaaS leaving you to focus on your customers. Once your solution is field validated and ready, you can add more services from EHR.Network as required to enhance the functionality of your business offerings. Read more about MDaaS

List of available APIs

  1. MDaaS - Offer medical devices as a cloud hosted service. Achieve wide coverage and distribution from a centrally managed service.
  2. Licence management services - Manage your product licensing such as subscripion and per use. Set license rules, assign licenses and track usage.
  3. Platform administration - Administer the platform settings such as roles, professions & authorizations & fine grained clinical data access
  4. CDR administration - Extend CDR schema by adding new templates and testing compositions & AQLs. Once deployed and tested, the template can be used using EHR APIs.
  5. Terminology lookup - Use these APIs to look up SNOMED CT terms and code your clinical data

Last update: 2021-03-29