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ABDM App design & API sequences

This page includes documentation that will help application develoipers building ABHA applications using EHRN ABDM connect(EHRN-ABDMc) service.

Includes the overall application flow required for completing ABDM certification.

Overall M1 application flow

The following flow diagram described the functionality required in the ABHA app or M1 certification.

Flow diagram

ABHA app flow diagram

Create ABHA Address

1. Complete Aadhaar KYC

Complete Aadhaar KYC

2. Create ABHA

Create ABHA

Verify ABHA & register new user

Test case 1

Test case 1

Test case 2

Test case 2

Test case 3 & 4

Test case 3/4

Test case 5

Test case 5

Last update: 2023-03-27