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EHR.Network provides cloud hosted APIs for healthcare applications. It is a fully managed service that allows you to develop and roill out applications at a fraction of the normal cost. Read more about EHR.Network

List of available APIs

Core services

  1. Login
  2. Manage persons/patients - Add/edit persons/patients and map them to organizations
  3. Manage users - Add/edit users, map to organizations, assign roles & professions, update password etc.
  4. Manage organizations/departments - Manage organizations & departments, administer organization hierarchies
  5. EHR - APIs to manage the clinical data sets and group them using folders. This service is openEHR compliant

Support services

  1. Notification service - Register your notification gateways and schedule notifications using multiple channels (email/SMS).

Business tools

  1. Task management - Create tasks and assign to users. Manage resources and workflows in organizations
  2. Notes - Create and share unstructured notes within organizations. Tag users and add hashtags to call out users and departments
  3. Appointment service - Create and manage schedules, slots, appointment & tasks. This API is FHIR R4.0 compliant

Business support tools

  1. Medical Device as a Service(MDaaS) - Quickly launch your medical device as a service and manage your entire business using the EHR.Network platform. MDaaS on EHR.Network supports you from pilots with third parties to rollingout your own D2C solutions. Includes services such as signup, client management, usage logging & reporting, auth and notifications
  2. Licence management services - Manage your product licensing such as subscripion and per use. Set license rules, assign licenses and track usage.

Knowledge services

  1. Terminology lookup - Use these APIs to look up SNOMED CT terms, Indian drug codes, Indian goegraphic locations etc. and code your clinical data

Application servers

  1. Java app server framework

Last update: 2023-11-14