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openEHR FAQs

I understand that openEHR Archetypes are linked to SNOMED CT codes. So do we get probable options on UI for selection automatically?

openEHR coding with SNOMED CT (or any other terminology) are available at following levels

  1. Archetype nodes - Code node names in an Archetype. For example Systolic BP node in the archetype can be coded using SNOMED CT as “271649006: Systolic blood pressure (observable entity)”.
  2. Data values - Code the actual data values of the nodes. For example while recording “Diabetes” the value of Problem/Diagnosis name in the Problem/Diagnosis archetype, it can be coded as “73211009: Diabetes mellitus (disorder)”

Such coding of data is generally done by the applications at the time of creating the compositions.

You may also add these as constraints at modelling time to help applications. For example you may constrain the Problem/Diagnosis name node to a set of SNOMED CT coded values in your template and use that as a dropdown in your application to help the users.

Last update: 2022-04-19