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Tools & resources for EHR.Network developers

This is a public repository of tools and resources for developers who are working with EHR.Network APIs.

We are constantly working on ways to make building applications on EHR.Network easy for developers. Many of these tools are being built based on feedback from developers and are being made available free here for the benefit of the larger developer community. We will be adding more resources to this repository as they become avilable.

What it contains

Though we are maintaining this repository to support developers on our EHR.Network platform, many of the resources are general purpose and can be used with other digital health projects.

For example, the repository contains many generic openEHR resources such as templates, composition samples etc. which can be used with any openEHR based CDR.

The terminology server resources again are generic to the NRCeS CSNOtk server and not specific to the EHR.Network terminology service.

Community contributions

While we will be working to create more an more tools & resources to share with the developers, we are also open to hosting tools that you feel can be useful to the other developers.

Please feel free to fork the repository and create a pull request for addition to this repository.

Last update: 2022-04-19