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Howto create a visit

Visit represents care contexts. In this case they are used to group clinical data sets for a care context such as an encouter and create a timeline for the patient.

Visits are managed using the vurtualFolder service on the platform.


Virtual folders can be used for many things in an EHR. Apart from encounters, they can also be used to create a problem oriented medical record (POMR) and clinical episodes

The mindmap below illustrates different aspects of virtualfolders. Creating and managing visits/encounters is the most common use case.

Create person


After creating a patient, we normally create a visit before clinical data is added so that all the clinical data that are gathered duing that visit can be grouped together.


  1. Call POST /virtualFolder api to create a visit. All the mandatory data should be passed.
  2. On success this returns the created virtualFolder object.

Create person

Once the visit is created, you can add clinical data sets as compositions and add their compositionIds to the visit folder.

Last update: 2022-04-04